Jedlik Anyos collector coin

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank has issued a cupro-nickel collector coin ‘Ányos Jedlik’ with a face value of HUF 1,000 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Ányos Jedlik formulating the concept of the dynamo in 1861. The collector coin has been issued as part of a series presenting the technical innovations and inventions of Hungarian engineers and inventors.

Jedlik Ányos 1000 forintos címletű kupronikkel emlékérme - 2011

Jedlik Anyos collector coin

The collector coin was designed by Balázs Bitó. The obverse of the coin shows a front view of Jedlik’s dynamo. The inscription ‘SINGLE-POLE ELECTRIC STARTER’ is located below the representation, in a frame resembling a display case. The coin is inscribed ‘REPUBLIC OF HUNGARY’ below the frame, arranged in two lines justified to the right. The large-sized value numeral ‘1000’ and the inscription ‘FORINT’ appear in the same line horizontally, above the representation of the dynamo. The mint mark ‘BP.’ and the mint year ‘2011’ are inscribed on the left and below the value numeral, respectively.

The reverse of the collector coin bears the portrait of Ányos Jedlik in a centre field bordered by a line. A stylised representation of the St Benedict Cross is located within the image frame, in the centre field to the right of the portrait, with the initials SCPB, standing for ‘Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti’ (the Cross of the Holy Father Benedict), located at the angles of the cross. Clockwise from left, the inscriptions on the edge along the rim of the coin read ‘DEVELOPER OF THE CONCEPT OF THE DYNAMO’, ‘ÁNYOS JEDLIK’, ‘1861’ and ‘1800–1895’. The designer’s mark is positioned in the lower right corner of the collector coin.

The square shaped collector coin is made of cupro-nickel and weighs 15 grams. Its size is 28.43×28.43 mm and it has a smooth edge.

The mintage limit is 20,000 pieces, of which 10,000 pieces are produced using the special proof technology.

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